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  • Grand Slam Camp

    Grand Slam Camp

    Train with Liga Dekmeijere a professional player who has competed in all the PRO GRAND SLAMS with the last and most recent being the Australian Open 2014. Contact OTD if interested to participate. Only Texas Grand Slam Competitors or high level juniors, please.

  • Juniors


    Complete guidance in your junior tennis career Elite training for juniors.Technical corrections.Tennis tactics.Fitness.Footwork and agility for tennis.Speed and endurance.Tournament preparation.Tournaments scheduling.Transition from juniors to pros.One on One focus in Private sessions.Group sessions for drills and point play.Intense training camps.

  • Kids Tennis

    Kids Tennis

    Kids are the future, so donโ€™t be afraid and let your child try out tennis. Our most recommended age to start is 5-8, but its never early or to late. We customize every lesson to fit the level and age, so that there is really no wrong time to start.Our mission is to bring fun…